Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baked Stuffed Apples

 As we enter fall that means fall treats come out. My all time favorite fall treat is baked stuffed apples. I made stuffed apples tonight, I stuffed my apples with pecans. There are many more things you can put in the apples such as ice cream, other nut, granola, and many more.

Here is what I put in the apples and how I did them:

- candied pecans
I candied them with maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, grapefruit juice, and a little bit of thyme. 
To cook the apples I hallowed them out leaving some apple left. Then I stuffed the pecans in the apples till pecans spilled out. Then a sprinkle of brown sugar and in too the oven. I cooked them for about 25 minutes until the apple was soft. Eat them when they're fresh out of the oven, it tastes better that way.

  When I cook from my mind I don't measure. I just kinda put some together till I'm happy with it.
  What's your favorite fall treat?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

5K Running Dead

  After mom told me about the 5K zombie run I knew I had to do it. I went with Mom, Aidan, my friend from school and her brother. All of us had never done a run like this so we were all excited and nervous.
  How the run works and the rules are very simple. Each person got a belt with two flags, those were your "lives". As you ran the zombies would try to take the flags off the belt. If you lost both flags you were "dead". You weren't allowed to touch, hit, etc the zombies and they could only take your flags. There was a set course with obstacles and you would go though. Basic and easy.
  When we got there people were in costumes and some zombies were going around. We signed in, got our shirts and flag belts, and got to the start line. There were zombies walking around and taking pictures with people. The make up was so cool! the zombies looked like like the ones in The Walking Dead. Our wave was counted down and we ran.
  The first challenge was one zombie then two. Next was a tunnel. Three zombies were there. One on it, one shaking it, and one on the other side. I got through as fast as I could, then ran off. I lost one flag to the zombie guarding the exit of that tunnel. The next thing was broken down cars. There were zombies all over it. I jumped over the hood and run away from the zombies trying to get my flag. My friend and I Came up with the idea we would save our energy and walk when zombies weren't around and when we came across zombies we would sprint. We had to pass narrow paths with zombies trying to steal flags. There was a simple haystack to pass. Two zombies guarded the little stack. As I got to the top a zombie was climbing the stack. I jumped down missing the hay and the zombie straight to the ground. The next big challenge was the house. A massive horde of zombies were there waiting. On 3 my friend and I ran. The path was crawling with 10-20 zombies. I protected my last flag and ran. At one point I ran through two zombies hoping they weren't going to get my flag. I made it, breathing heavy but still alive. I waited for my friend to make it out and we walking to the next challenge. The zombies weren't done with us though. From behind a tarp jumped four zombies. I screamed and ran past them. The water station was after the house, I needed a drink. We set out again to what faced us. Another house, with a ton of flag thirsty zombies. I ran, dodging and weaving. I only had one flag and I didn't feel like dying. I got through it still with my last live. The color bombs and a couple zombies were next. Then the corn maze. I thought zombies would jump out, but no. I got a little lost but got out with one flag.   After we got through the maze we were done.
  It was so much fun! I screamed a lot. Ran and laughed. I got a dog tag that said survivor and a couple pictures with the zombies. Over all I had a really good time.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The newest family member

  Just after the new year a stray dog showed up in our neighborhood. The poor thing was so skinny probably she was skinnier than the girls on America's Next Top Model. She would come running up to us with her tail between her legs scared out of her mind. I felt so bad for the poor puppy and so did Mom. Mom and I started feeding her sandwich meat, tuna, or anything we had in our fridge. Dad was against it and didn't want anything to do with the puppy but he came around later. We were told some people in the neighborhood want the puppy out so we took her in.

  We along with one of Dad's co-worker my English teacher tried finding the puppy a new home. After a bath, food, a vet check, and a new name she was looking a lot better. We named her Polly first but Dad decided she should be CJ and well that stayed. My teacher told us about a home for her but we kept her. She is now our dog. I told my teacher about us keeping CJ and my teacher was so happy she told me she hoped we kept her.

 CJ is a very loved member of the Geraghty family. She is funny, cute, and just a really good puppy dog. When she plays it's by herself. She rolls on the floor and throws the ball and catches it. When she wags her tail she also wags her butt. CJ loves to be pet and belly rubs. She is a daddy's girl. Dad is her master and she follows him everywhere. I give CJ so many nicknames most of them I use only once.
CJ nickname list:
fluffy bunny
airplane ears
blonde dog
upper guppy

I have a lot more.

  CJ is a awesome puppy dog and I am so she showed up in our neighborhood.

bunny dog (my doing)

selfie with the puppy

Friday, June 6, 2014

Canada 2014

  Our school trip this year was to Canada for one week. The trip was to three cities: Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa. Our group was made up of about 40 kids of all different grades and ages and a small group of parents. The two most important members of the group were our tour guide, Patrick, and the driver, Normand. We called our tour guide, Patrick Star, after Patrick Starfish from Sponge Bob. At first he didn't get it, but after we explained it he understand.

  The first city we were in was Montreal. Our first day in Montreal was only a half day because we flew to Montreal that day. We drove around for a while seeing parts of Montreal. After our drive around, we went to dinner. We went to a French restaurant. After dinner, because every one was tired, we walked to the bus. On the way to the bus we walked by Notre-Dame Basilica where we were going the next day. After we stopped there for pictures, we got on the bus and went to the hotel and slept.  After getting some rest, we were off to see more of Montreal. First was a bus tour and a walk up to Mount Royal to look out over Montreal.  After that, we drove back to the Basilica and took a tour. The inside of Notre-Dame Basilica was beautiful and the organ was huge. By the time we left the church it was lunch time. For lunch we had free time so we could go on our own. Dad, Mr. Moss(my history teacher), Patrick Star, one of the parents and his daughter, some of the other kid, and I all went to lunch at a French restaurant. After lunch, the group met up and went to the Museum of Archaeology and History. Next we went to dinner at Le Cabaret du Roy. It's a sea themed restaurant where the waiters and performers are dressed as pirates. It was so much fun! Because the ends of my hair are blue one of the pirates called me a mermaid. Each table was made a team and we had a name and captain. Throughout the dinner each team had to finish tasks like a quiz, a logic puzzle, and a luck game. Each task needed one person from the team. For the luck game I was that person. The rules were simple, there was a box with the numbers 1-9 and you rolled two die and the number you got you had to flip down tile or tiles that made the number you rolled. In the end your score was based on the added number of the tiles left. If all the tiles were down your score was 0. The pirate I played against scored 0 so I basically lost. When I played, the last number up was a 3 so I switched to 1 dice and rolled... a 3! I won and the whole table was so happy. The last thing we did at the restaurant was a dance. The Peruvian Monkey Dance. Watching the people dance was funny.  My history teacher was one of the dancers and was the star as well. After the very fun dinner,  we went and played laser tag.That also was very fun. We played two rounds. One round was every man for himself and the second one was teams. After the games, we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Day Three was a trip to the Biodome, Olympic Tower, and the drive to Quebec City. The Biodome was cool. There were three different habitats and each habitat had animals doing their thing. Next was the Olympic Tower. We took an elevator to the top. I could see all Montreal. It was a pretty view. We hopped in the bus and drove to Quebec City. The drive was about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  When we got to Quebec City, we went to dinner and then took a walking tour of Old Town Quebec. After the walk, we went to our hotel and slept. Our first activity the next day was at the Plains of Abraham. We got a history lesson from two generals. After our lesson, we got to compete and it was French against English. We fake loaded guns, loaded a canon, and had to guess what objects were. In the end the French won and Team 2 won the whole thing. After that we went to the Observatoire de la Capitale. It was a 360 view of Quebec City. The view was so pretty and it was a beautiful sunny day. Lunch was next and every one separated.  After lunch we went to the Morrin Heritage Centre. The building was a prison turned school turned library. I got to go prison. Part of the tour was to the old solitary cells and we got to go inside. A walking tour was next and it was around Old Town. For dinner we went to the Sugar Shack. It's a maple syrup making place plus restaurant. Maple syrup was put on everything and after dinner we got up and played spoons and danced. We then learned how maple syrup is made and went to the playground and went on the marry-go-round and placed Foosball. Then it was back to the hotel to sleep. The next day was a tour of Parliament and the five hour drive to Ottawa.

  Once we got to Ottawa we had dinner and then went on a haunted walk around Ottawa. Then we  went to the hotel and slept. Day Six was a bus and walking tour of Ottawa and after that we went to the National Art Gallery. After that we had free time for lunch. Dad and I went off on our own and had lunch and a beaver tail.  A beaver tail is fried dough with a topping. After free time was the Museum of war and then dinner. The last activity was an IMAX movie about pandas. After the movie we went back to the hotel. Our last day was the Museum of History and then the flight home. At the airport goodbye and thank you were said to our awesome tour guide Patrick Star and our fabulous driver Normand. Both flights home were delayed and I got home at 2:30 in the morning. The trip was awesome and so much fun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

T to Tank

  Out of my boredum I had a great idea. I'll make something! So I hopped online and started googling. After scrolling I came across something that looked fun. Turning a old T-shirt to a brand new tank top. I looked for a how to on online and sure enough I found one. It's very easy to do and looks nice. If you want to get rid of a old T-shirt and have a new tank top and don't want to spend a lot of money just make one on your own.

Step 1: Find an old T-shirt you don't mind cutting up. Get scissors which you'll need to cut the shirt.

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves( the closer you to the neck you'll get skinnier sleeves). When you cut the sleeves cut down at a curve.  Then cut the neck line( the deeper you cut the deeper the neck line will be). Then cut the hem on the bottom. your going to need to keep this so put it off to the side.

Step 3: Cut a deep narrow "V" in the back.

Step 4: Take the left over from the bottom and cut it so it's one long strand. Bunch the sleeves together and tie the strand on top then wrap it down the back.

step 5: This step is optional. Cut the bottom of the front so it's higher than the back.

back view
front view 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coffee & Salmon

  Again I made dinner for Grandma, Papa, Aidan, Mom, and one of grandma's sisters came.  I made coffee crusted salmon, coconut milk rice and steamed asparagus. If you try coffee crusted salmon use a thin layer of coffee, already use coffee grounds, or marinate it in coffee.    The layers of the coffee grounds on the salmon I did was a little too much raw coffee grounds.    Other than that,  everything was very good.   Along with dinner I made a great dessert.  For dessert, I made gluten free vanilla pudding pie with a mixed berry sauce and whip cream. The pie was delicious !!!!!!!! From start to  finish the whole meal was superb !!!!!  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Anthony's Pier 4

Last night I went to dinner at Anthony's Pier 4.

I went with:






They serve a lot of good sea food, steak, and salads.

My meal:

The original Pier 4 salad with beets, feta, onions, tomatoes, lettuce.

Fried sole with french fries

Like other restaurants they had bread and popovers. The popover was light and airy.

For dessert I had chocolate souffle. It was SO good!

The food was really really good. Anthony's pier 4 is closing soon.

random pictures:

fish fish FISHY!!!!!

Our fancy butter which papa made

Papa and his stirrer